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Artist's self portrait

My Story

I’ve had past lives as what I thought would be a terminal student, as an educator, and as a software developer. Throughout all of that, I have interwoven some form of creative pursuit, from poetry to acoustic guitar to computer graphics, to photography. I am currently into mixed media (pigment, oil, and acrylic) landscape and portrait paintings stylistically inspired by Degas, Renoir, and Sargent.

I have been studying under master photographer and world reknown artist Darrell Chitty. My raison d’art, the driving force behind my painting, is the viewer’s active participation in the perception of my images.

Artistic sensibility includes poetry, visual artristry, music, and more. I typically play music intended to be played by a multi-piece band. I enjoy including the listener in the creation of the music, since, if they have any familiarity with the tunes I’m playing, they will add the missing pieces as their memory and musical sensibility allows. This is the psychological concept of Gestalt at work.

I bring the same concept, the same interaction to light in my visual artistry. I achieve this through expressive composition and brushwork. I include the viewer’s psyche, vision, and their emotional participation in their recognition of the subject and the attitudes with which I paint it.

In my work as a computer consultant and a software developer, I learned something important about myself. My creative spirit has always been alive, even if it wasn’t always allowed to express itself. I discovered that creating something from nothing, a thing from an idea gives me tremendous satisfaction. That’s something I hope to bring to my painting.